The brand

An organic and responsible skincare line

Nohèm selects ingredients that are natural (99% to 100% of ingredient total), organic (15% to 65% of ingredient total), and fair trade (5% to 25 % of ingredient total) with organic and fair-traide certification from Ecocert. At Nohèm, we care deeply about the environment, and eco-design is applied to every dimension of the business.

Ethical and committed

Nohèm purchases its ingredients from the women of the South who produce the raw materials at the heart of the cosmetic formulas, buying at a fair price, in the spirit of fair trade, a business relationship that allows these women earn a decent living from their harvest.

For the beauty of women

Nohèm offers the best of the world’s broad spectrum of beauty tailored to Western consumers. The products are joined with specially-developed protocols and massages to enhance the NOHEM beauty ritual with comtemporary cosmetic techniques.

Founder Noémie de Goÿs

Portrait Noémie De GoÿsFounder Noémie de Goÿs has always been guided by a conviction : her belief that people helping people and voluntary support of underprivileged populations are priorities in the world. She decided to invest heart and soul in community and charitable undertakings by establishing her own foundation, La fondation Amisse, in 2009.


With this life-changing experience as a springboard, Noémie de Goÿs further supports the needs of women in Southern countries, defining broader horizons for the notion of sharing by launching Nohèm, a range of luxury cosmetics, symbolizing a new commitment. The women of the South, those producing cosmetic raw materials, are able to sell their products at a fair price, and the skincare line is developed with active ingredients of outstanding quality. Solidarity crosses all boundaries and borders such that women around the world may share their beauty secrets.