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About us


Nohèm offers the best of the world’s broad spectrum of beauty tailored to Western consumers. The products are joined with specially-developed protocols and massages to enhance the NOHÈM beauty ritual with contemporary cosmetic techniques.

Nohèm selects ingredients that are natural (99% to 100% of ingredient total), organic (15% to 65% of ingredient total), and fair trade (5% to 25% of ingredient total) – with organic and fair-trade certification from Ecocert. At Nohèm, we care deeply about the environment, and eco-design is applied to every dimension of the business.


Notre espace bien-être bio

56 avenue du Maréchal Joffre

44500 LA BAULE

Tel. : +33(0)2 40 01 79 69

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In the heart of La Baule, the most smart resorts, Nohèm imagined a haven where people come to enjoy a pampering parenthesis more significant.

Refined yet to be very warm, space for relaxation and fulfillment by offering facials and full body card.

And for a comprehensive set beauty, Nohèm joins the brand's more hype varnish of the moment, "Kure Bazaar", and the brand natural makeup worship "A Beauty".

Beaming and perfectly lacquered nails, an address note of urgency in his favorite beauty spots !