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Skin oils: face, body and hair

Nohèm's organic care oils are the ideal solution to pamper your skin and hair. They capture all the power of nature, with blends of vegetable oils with nourishing, restorative and protective properties. They enhance your beauty in a natural way, thanks to their delicate and velvety textures which penetrate gently.

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Which treatment oil for my skin?

If cold, pollution or stress are putting your skin to the test, discover our body and facial oils selected to nourish, regenerate and create a protective barrier, thus giving your skin the care it deserves.

Skin oils play an essential role in supporting the skin against daily environmental stresses. Their nutrient-rich composition allows for easy absorption.

Since the needs of each skin type are unique, it is essential to adopt an individualized and gentle approach to skin care. Whether combination, oily, dry, sensitive or normal skin, each requires special attention to reveal a radiant and healthy complexion.

An oil for sensitive skin: soothe and calm

Sensitive skin requires soothing and calming care. Opt for an oil specially designed to reduce redness and discomfort while preserving the skin's delicate balance. OURPolynesia oil, rich in vitamin E, is here to offer you its benefits at the heart of a dry formula for the body and hair, ideal for nourishing the skin, enhancing your tan and preventing skin aging.

An oil for dry skin: deeply nourish

Dry skin needs intense hydration. Opt for oils rich in fatty acids that penetrate deeply to restore skin suppleness and prevent flaking. OURoil Africa, composed ofArgan Oil, nigella and baobab, is a source of vitamins A, C & E, omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants, ideal for hydrating and relieving dry skin.

An oil for oily skin: treatment and purification

Oily skin benefits from a treating and purifying oil. Choose formulas that regulate sebum production, reduce imperfections and promote healing. OURAyurvedic oilis effective against excess sebum, enlarged pores, imperfections and redness, thanks to its cleansing and purifying properties.

An oil for mature skin: antioxidants and elasticity

Mature skin requires anti-aging care. Opt for oils rich in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and maintain skin elasticity. OURFabulous Oil, based on jojoba and wild orchid oil, nourishes and softens the skin on a daily basis.

A slimming oil to fight cellulite: elimination and firmness

Slimming oils promote the elimination of toxins and excess water, helping to refine the silhouette and reduce the orange peel appearance. OURSlimming oilbased on fucus and guarana extract, boosts blood circulation and promotes drainage for more toned skin.

Nohèm beauty tip:

For a perfect body routine, clean your skin carefully before applying a few drops of oil, massaging gently. Beauty oils can be used alone or mixed with your usual moisturizer, and even diluted in the bath for a soothing sensory experience.

Choosing a scented body oil suited to your skin type is essential for an effective skincare routine.

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