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Do you dream of a slimmer silhouette?

Discover the natural and ethical treatments in the Nohèm slimming collection. Our products, made from plant extracts with slimming and firming properties, are designed to stimulate drainage and improve microcirculation.

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Slimming treatments for a toned and firm silhouette

Do you want a firmer body with toned skin? Our slimming treatments are there for you. In addition to helping you achieve your slimming goals, they specifically target cellulite and the orange peel effect, these enemies of skin firmness.

A global approach against cellulite and the orange peel effect

Our slimming products and slimming treatments are excellent allies against sagging skin, working in depth to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth areas affected by the orange peel effect.

Detox and drainage for targeted weight loss

To accelerate your weight loss in the stomach, waist or thighs, start a detox with our draining herbal tea. These slimming products, combined with sporting activity and a healthy diet, will allow you to eliminate toxins, burn fat and finally obtain a more toned and firmer body, while reducing the appearance of cellulite and orange peel effect.

Hydration and localized treatment for firm skin

To maintain or regain firm and toned skin, opt for the slimming and firming cream or the slimming oil combined with our anti-cellulite suction cups. This daily hydration will help smooth your skin and combat the orange peel effect thanks to ingredients like Guarana or fucus extract, effective against water retention.

Start your slimming treatment program today

Start taking care of your figure today by eliminating cellulite and fighting the orange peel effect for smoother and firmer skin.

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