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The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you love them!

Finding the perfect gift for a woman can be a challenge, especially considering her age and specific skin needs. Cosmetics or salon treatments can be a wise choice, provided you choose them wisely!

Whether they are 30, 40, 50, 60 years old or pregnant, there is necessarily a Nohèm cosmetic treatment adapted to the women you want to please.

You don't know how to choose the right cosmetics?
Don't panic, we'll guide you on the treatments adapted to each age according to the skin's needs!

Gift ideas for a woman under 30

Before the age of 30, skin may be prone to skin imperfections and irregularities. Here are some cosmetic gift ideas for them:

Beauty products : Women under 30 are often looking for products that will improve the quality of their skin and reduce the imperfections that bother them on a daily basis. Choose a range that is simple and fun to use.

Facial treatments in institute : detox, purifying.

Body care : Ayurvedic massage to purify body and mind

Makeup : give them easy-to-use products like mascara, tinted lip balm, dark circles and blemish corrector!

Mattifying & moisturizing cream

Exfoliating facial powder

Purifying oil-serum

Gift ideas for a 30 year old woman

Between the ages of 20 and 30, a woman's skin is generally at its best. Women in their 30s are often looking for products that help them maintain their natural glow while adopting a beauty routine that fits their active lifestyle. Here are some cosmetic gift ideas for them:

Beauty product : Women aged 30 appreciate moisturizing, protective and preventative anti-aging products which will ensure perfect hydration and the radiance of their complexion. Choose an organic moisturizer or targeted serum to boost its natural radiance.

Massage and well-being treatments in institute : Moisturizing facial treatment, Massage from here and elsewhere, permanent or semi-permanent varnish break, natural beauty treatment.

Makeup: Give her a set of high-quality makeup like eye shadow palettes, caring lipsticks or natural caring mascaras.

Scrub Mask

Moisturizing and anti-oxidant treatment

Moisturizing eye contour


Gift ideas for a 40 year old woman

At age 40, skin begins to show signs of aging. At this age, women are often looking for beauty products that help them maintain their youth and feel confident.

Luxury Skincare Set : Treat her to a premium skincare set with targeted anti-aging serums made from natural ingredients. You can also opt for body treatments, such as relaxing massage oils or exfoliating scrubs.

Anti-aging makeup : Opt for makeup products specifically designed to minimize the signs of aging with light textures for the complexion (BB creams, concealers,) and open the eyes with eyebrow pencils and eye pencils .

Anti-aging serum

Fabulous 3 in 1 oil

Anti-aging eye contour

Gift ideas for a 50 year old woman

At 50, women particularly appreciate products that give them a feeling of well-being and take care of their mature skin. At this age, the maturity of the skin requires specific care. Opt for anti-wrinkle creams rich in natural ingredients like retinol and collagen.

Mature skin care : Choose skin care products rich in nourishing and conditioning ingredients, like anti-aging serums and facial oils.

Massage and well-being treatments : Treat them to an anti-aging facial treatment like Kobido, a natural facial lifting massage from Asia or a hydrafacial treatment, a deep cleansing that restores youthful radiance to the face.

Natural makeup : Opt for light, natural makeup products that highlight your beauty without weighing it down.

Multi-purpose balm

Far North Oil

Eye patch

Gift ideas for a 60 year old woman

By age 60, women generally have a well-established skincare routine. At this age, it is essential to favor natural skin care products that deeply hydrate and soothe. Creams rich in botanical oils, revitalizing serums and soothing lotions are perfect gifts.

Skincare set : Choose face and body products that provide intense hydration and nourish the skin.

Massage and well-being treatments : “Japanese vitality” energy source massage

Elegant makeup : Opt for quality makeup products that will enhance your beauty while remaining discreet.

Make-up remover lotion

Moisturizing sheet mask

Anti-aging treatment


Gift ideas for a pregnant woman

Pregnant women have specific needs when it comes to cosmetics, because they are more sensitive to ingredients and especially essential oils which are contraindicated during pregnancy. Treat him to body care to prevent stretch marks, moisturizing lip balms, and massage oils to soothe his tired body.

Natural Care Set for sensitive skin : Opt for skin care and bath products based on natural, paraben-free ingredients, suitable for pregnant women.

Massage and well-being : Offer her vouchers for a prenatal massage or a gift box for a moment of relaxation just for her before the baby arrives.

Hypoallergenic makeup : Choose makeup products that are hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals for her delicate skin.

Nourishing body oil

Moisturizing and firming body cream

Hand and nail cream

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