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Hand hydration in winter, an essential gesture!

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Hand hydration in winter, an essential gesture!

Hand hydration in winter: The little gestures that make the difference!

Here we are in winter! The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and our hands are starting to feel the effects of this cold. You may be wondering why your hands seem drier than ever this frigid season? Well, it's simply because they need a little hydration !

Why do our hands suffer so much in winter?

The winter cold can be hard on our skin, and our hands are no exception. Dry, cold air outside, combined with indoor heating, can leave our hands dry and chapped. The delicate skin on our hands is thinner than that of many other parts of our body, making it more vulnerable to dehydration.

Frequent hand washing with chemical soaps and exposure to irritants such as detergents also contribute to dry skin. Stress, linked to the central nervous system, can also influence dryness of the skin. Using harsh cleansers, such as soaps, can break down the skin's hydrolipid film, causing water to evaporate and leaving hands dry.

The first signs that your hands are dry

Signs of dry hands vary in severity, from mild dryness to severe cracking. Several trigger factors are responsible for dry hands, including external influences such as central heating, dry air, frequent hand washing, UV rays, and internal influences such as an unbalanced diet and skin aging.

Hand hydration: adopt a routine to treat your dry hands

Taking care of your dry hands is crucial because they are constantly in use, exposed to external factors such as cold, heat, pollution, and frequent washing. Simple actions, such as washing your hands with lukewarm water, drying yourself thoroughly by patting rather than rubbing, and using appropriate moisturizing products, are essential to maintain the skin barrier. Winter often makes dry hands worse due to the cold outside and the heat inside. Moisturizing your hands regularly is a simple but effective remedy. Moisturizers create a protective barrier preventing moisture loss and nourish the skin. It is recommended to apply a moisturizer after each hand wash.

The benefits of hand hydration

By moisturizing your hands, you not only make the unpleasant feeling of dryness disappear, but you also help maintain the elasticity of the skin. Moisturizers create a protective barrier, preventing moisture from escaping, and they deeply nourish to leave your hands soft and supple.

organic hand moisturizer

When to moisturize your hands?

The secret is consistency. Don't wait until your hands are too dry, too rough or damaged to act. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer after every hand wash. It may seem simple, but it makes all the difference. Our divine hand and nail cream from our Africa range is highly recommended to avoid all these inconveniences.

Our organic moisturizing cream for hands and nails deeply nourishes, hydrates and repairs with a captivating caramel sugar fragrance. Enriched with shea butter , marula oil and argan oil , this luxurious treatment provides complete hydration to your hands.

Additional Tips for Soft Hands

In addition to hydration, remember to wear warm gloves when you go out to protect your hands from the cold. Also avoid hot showers or baths, as they can contribute to dehydration of the skin.

Take a few moments each day to take care of your hands. You won't regret it when you see the newfound softness of your hands, even in freezing weather. So, are you ready to adopt this small gesture that will make all the difference?

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