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How can I protect my skin from attacks?

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How can I protect my skin from attacks?

The different types of skin aggressions

Protecting your skin from external aggressions is essential to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Environmental factors, lifestyle and daily habits can all contribute to skin damage. This article explores the different types of external and daily aggressions, as well as routines and products to effectively protect your skin.

External attacks

The skin is constantly exposed to various environmental factors that can damage it. Among these, we find:

  • Pollution
    Fine particles, exhaust fumes and other pollutants can clog pores, cause irritation and accelerate skin aging.

  • The sun and UV
    Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn, age spots and premature wrinkles.

  • Dust
    Dust can build up on the skin, making it dull and susceptible to infection.

  • Temperature variations
    Cold, heat and sudden changes in temperature can dry out the skin and alter its protective barrier.

Daily attacks on the skin

In addition to environmental factors, elements of our daily lives can also affect the health of our skin:

  • The stress :
    Chronic stress can disrupt hormonal balance, leading to skin problems like acne or eczema.

  • Hormones :
    Hormonal fluctuations, particularly during periods of menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, can influence the condition of the skin.

  • Food:
    An unbalanced diet high in sugars and saturated fats can cause inflammation and breakouts.

What routine should I adopt to protect my skin?

To effectively protect your skin, adopt a suitable skincare routine:

  • Exfoliate:
    Regular exfoliation helps remove dead cells and promote cell turnover. Use a gentle scrub suited to your skin type.

  • To clean :
    Daily cleansing, morning and evening, helps rid the skin of accumulated impurities. Opt for a gentle cleanser that does not attack the skin barrier.

  • Sleep: Good sleep is essential for skin regeneration. Make sure you get enough sleep every night.

  • Hydration: Hydrate your skin daily with products adapted to your skin type to maintain its elasticity and suppleness.`

  • Food:
    Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and antioxidants to nourish your skin from the inside out.

    What is the best anti-pollution cream?

    Finding the right moisturizer can be a real challenge. We are here to guide you in the perfect choice and find the ideal natural day cream.

    Selection criteria

    To choose the best anti-pollution cream, it is important to consider several criteria:

    Active ingredients

    Look for creams that contain antioxidants, vitamins (like vitamin C and E), and herbal extracts that neutralize free radicals.

    Clinically proven effectiveness

    Opt for products whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies such as our hydrating and anti-pollution facial serum.


    Choose a cream adapted to your skin type and your specific needs (hydration, protection, etc.).

    Texture and fragrance

    The texture should be pleasant and easy to apply, and the scent should be mild so as not to irritate the skin.

    Nohèm recommendations based on your skin’s needs

    Nohèm offers a selection of natural facial treatments designed to meet the various needs of your skin, with textures and subtle fragrances that you won't be able to resist!

    range of natural and organic moisturizing creams

    Moisturizing eye contour treatment 🌸

    Specially formulated to moisturize and reduce bags and dark circles around the eyes, this delicate treatment helps you regain a fresh and radiant look.

    Antioxidant Cream 🍇

    Enriched with powerful antioxidants, this moisturizing and antioxidant cream protects your skin from free radicals while intensely nourishing it. It is ideal for preventing skin aging and maintaining a luminous complexion.

    Antipollution Cream 🌿

    This ultra-hydrating and anti-pollution serum forms a protective barrier against environmental aggressions. It helps keep skin fresh and protected throughout the day, while providing essential hydration.

    Each Nohèm product is carefully developed to offer your skin the benefits of nature, with natural ingredients selected for their effectiveness and gentleness. Opt for Nohèm and transform your skincare routine into a moment of well-being and authentic beauty.

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