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Find the ideal eye contour adapted to your current concern

Scientific research and nature provide relevant solutions to improve both the appearance and especially the comfort of the eye area, by responding in a targeted manner to specific needs . The area around your eyes deserves special attention! This ultra fragile area is to be pampered! This is the part of your face where the skin is thinnest: it does not contain fatty tissue and contains many blood vessels and lymph nodes. The needs are different from those brought to the face. This fine and sensitive area is easily marked and the effects of time visibly take hold day after day. It is important to take care of it at any age to maintain toned and sparkling eyes for as long as possible!

In this article, we will help you identify your needs to choose your ideal eye contour!

At what age should you start taking care of your eye area?

It is recommended to start taking care of your eye area from the age of 25. However, there is no specific age from which one should start. Every woman, every skin and every look is different, so in reality, the best time to start using an eye contour treatment is as soon as signs of fatigue such as dark circles, bags or fine lines appear. Here are some tips for taking care of the eye area based on your age:

    How to choose your eye contour according to your skin type?

    An eye contour is chosen according to your concerns: moisturize and compensate for dehydration streaks, these small marks generally located just under the eye, protect this delicate area, fill and correct the effects of time: loss of firmness and established wrinkles , reduce dark circles and bags…

    Know the specific needs of the eye area:

    • bags : Bags under the eyes are swellings that appear under the lower eyelids, often due to poor blood or lymphatic circulation. It is important to drain your eye area by applying your treatments from the inner corner to the outer corner while tapping vigorously.

    Nohèm advice: Place your treatment in the refrigerator for a tenfold decongestant effect!

    • Dark circles under your eyes are the visible manifestation of blood vessels that darken when your body doesn't get enough oxygen and fluid. The blood then circulates more slowly and its color becomes darker. Depending on your skin type, the dark circles under your eyes will be brownish or bluish.

    Nohèm advice: Get enough sleep and drink lots of water! Apply a concealer treatment containing ingredients designed to target dark circles to help your skin revitalize and stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation.

    • dehydration streaks : your eye area is poor in sebaceous glands and becomes dehydrated over time. It is important to restore comfort with a rich and creamy texture.
    • crow's feet wrinkles : or smile lines! They are generally the first wrinkles to appear on the face, around the age of 30 and sometimes as early as the twenties. They settle down because they are constantly subjected to numerous facial expressions! It is recommended to perform smoothing and relaxing gestures on your wrinkles in order to soften them.
    • loss of firmness : elastin and collagen fibers sag over time. Choosing a suitable anti-aging eye contour will promote the increase in the production of Collagen and Elastin in your dermis and restore tone to your eyes. It is advisable to perform tonic maneuvers on this area by massaging with your fingertips.

    Eye contour FAQ:

    Is there an ideal texture for my eye area? No ! Different textures exist (cream, gel, serum, patches, etc.) it's up to you to choose the one that appeals to you!

    How to apply your eye contour? After perfect makeup removal, apply your cream to the eye area. Take the equivalent of a grain of rice and apply the material from the inside out. Tap lightly and finish smoothing.

    How to massage the eye area: use the Nohèm obsidian stone massage stick after applying your eye area to smooth from the inside out until stretching the crow's feet area to the temples.

    How to magnify your eyes: A touch of makeup will end up enhancing and opening your eyes. Apply a veil of natural mascara and outline your eyebrows with a light pencil line.

    Find an explanatory video on our networks to enhance your look with your ideal eye contour....🤍

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