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Kobido facialist treatments

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Kobido facialist treatments

Anti-aging facial massage inspired by Japan

The Kobido treatment, or more often known as the “Japanese natural facelift,” is an ancestral massage technique practiced on the face. It allows the skin of the face to regain a second youth. What exactly is the Kobido treatment, what benefits does it provide, who is it recommended for and how does a session take place? We'll answer everything you need to know about Kobido massage.

What is Kobido treatment?

The Kobido treatment is a traditional Japanese massage technique that dates back to the 15th century. This type of massage acts on sagging facial skin and is renowned as one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging by deeply stimulating the muscles and tissues of the face. It is often compared to a natural facelift and is among the most popular Asian massages.

The Kobido treatment follows a rigorous protocol. Traditionally taught in Japan in the Kobido house, these techniques are transmitted from master to student.
In France, there are few practitioners trained in the authentic teachings of Kobido massage. However, there are massages inspired by ancestral Kobido treatment techniques.

What are the effects of a Kobido massage?

Kobido treatment focuses mainly on the balance of “chi,” considered vital energy. It is renowned for its anti-aging benefits. Kobido techniques stimulate skin microcirculation, reactivate blood circulation and lymphatic flow, thus promoting better oxygenation of tissues and the elimination of toxins.

Kobido treatment also acts on skin tissues. Using various maneuvers, it stimulates facial tissues and muscles to produce elastin and collagen. The result is firmed skin, relaxed muscles, reduced wrinkles, and a toned and plumped face.

In short, here is the list of benefits of Kobido treatment on the face:

- Stimulates skin microcirculation, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.
- Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, for firm and elastic skin.
- Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and reduces existing ones, including expression lines.
- Reduces puffy eyes, fights bags and dark circles.
- Gives the skin a toned appearance and a radiant complexion.
- Redraws the oval of the face.

What does Kobido massage consist of?

The practitioner performs deep and tonic maneuvers over the entire face to stimulate and oxygenate the tissues.

the Kobido treatment begins with a purification of the skin which will be removed and cleansed. A cream (and not an oil) will be applied, to which the practitioner can add a few drops of water to promote gliding while remaining as close as possible to the skin. Then comes the first pressure movements to tone the facial muscles and release tension. These movements will have a certain strength in order to work the muscles in depth. Then it's time for the smoothing massage: the gestures aimed at stretching the skin outwards and towards the top of the face will erase wrinkles, providing an effective natural lifting. The hydration phase follows with different treatments and masks. During the pose, the rest of the body will be massaged (shoulders, arms, neckline). The session lasts about an hour.

Who is Kobido treatment for?

Kobido massage is suitable for all skin types and all ages. Due to its anti-aging properties, it is particularly recommended for mature skin. Before the age of 40, Kobido is ideal for preventing the appearance of wrinkles and delaying their formation. After 40 years, it can be used as an anti-aging treatment to stabilize the development of wrinkles.

How often should you get a Kobido massage?

The effects of the Kobido treatment are immediate, and you will feel the benefits from the first session. These results usually last about 15 days. Therefore, 1 to 2 sessions per month may be enough to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, reduce them and smooth those already present. It is recommended to start with one session per week during the first month.

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