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Natural remedies: 3 anti-blemish plants!

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Natural remedies: 3 anti-blemish plants!

Discover 3 natural ingredients with beneficial properties to fight against skin imperfections.

This morning, when you wake up, you notice the appearance of a small pimple on your face. Before rushing towards chemical-laden products, why not opt ​​for a natural solution combining the best natural ingredients from around the world?

Tea tree, Green clay and Crajiru: natural anti-imperfection remedies par excellence

Before setting off to discover the world's ingredients, don't forget to carefully cleanse your skin with your usual product ( such as Nohèm exfoliating powder )

The Tea tree: a targeted solution

The first stage of our trip takes us to Australia, land of the Tea tree. A plant renowned for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The essential oil extracted from its leaves is an ancient remedy used to treat skin problems, including acne, pimples and blackheads. Thanks to its purifying properties, tea tree deeply cleanses clogged pores, reducing the appearance of imperfections while soothing the skin.

Crajiru: to purify problem areas

The second leg of our journey takes us to South America, where Crajiru has been used for generations. This plant, with astringent and antibacterial properties, helps reduce pimples and blackheads.
From the depths of the Amazonian forest comes crajiru, a plant with remarkable astringent and antibacterial properties. Used for generations by the indigenous populations of South America, crajiru, a plant with astringent and antibacterial properties. By regulating sebum production and eliminating impurities, it helps purify the skin and reduce the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Green clay: for gentle purification

In addition to tea tree and crajiru extract, green clay is a precious ally in the fight against imperfections.
Known since Antiquity for its purifying and regenerating virtues, green clay is an essential ingredient in natural beauty rituals. Thanks to its richness in minerals and trace elements, it absorbs excess sebum, detoxifies the skin and tightens pores, leaving the complexion fresh and radiant. As a mask or poultice, green clay is an effective natural remedy to combat imperfections and regain clear, balanced skin.

Targeted natural anti-imperfection treatment

Nohèm's new targeted anti-blemish treatment combines these three natural ingredients: Tea tree, Crajiru and Green Clay, thus offering an effective solution for your skin concerns. Enriched with SEBOCLEAR® and OLIGLUCANE®, natural antibacterial active ingredients, this treatment protects and promotes healing of the skin.

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