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Why is oily skin prone to blemishes?

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Why is oily skin prone to blemishes?

Oily skin, excessive shine, spots, blackheads... Do these words sound familiar to you? They are the daily life of many people who struggle with imperfections. Oily skin, caused by overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands, can seem unmanageable. However, understanding the causes of this excessive sebum production is the first step to regaining control. Whether it's your natural skin type, hormonal fluctuations, or environmental factors, each element plays a role. But the good news is that solutions exist.

By adopting a facial care routine for oily skin, using specific products, you can find smooth, blemish-free skin. Discover how our natural anti-blemish treatments , rich in purifying ingredients such as vegetable charcoal and black seed oil, can transform your beauty routine. Let yourself be guided and rediscover the natural beauty of your skin.

Did you know that your natural skin type, your hormones, and even your environment play a crucial role in this phenomenon? Fortunately, there are natural and effective solutions to combat these stubborn imperfections. Discover in this article a range of products specially formulated for oily skin and learn how to establish a skincare routine that will transform your skin. Ready to say goodbye to imperfections and reveal your natural glow? Read on to find out how.

Why do I have oily skin?

Having oily skin is often a question of natural balance and several factors can explain this situation. The first is your natural skin type. Some people have higher sebum production, which gives them that famous shine.

Then there are hormones. They play a key role, especially during certain periods of life such as adolescence or pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations can stimulate the oil glands and make your skin oilier.

The environment and lifestyle must also be taken into account. If you live in a humid climate or are often exposed to pollution, this can influence sebum production. A diet high in fatty foods or sugar can also have an impact.

How do pimples and blackheads form?

To better combat imperfections, it is essential to understand their formation. When pores are clogged with sebum, pimples and blackheads appear. It is important to use an anti-blemish target treatment that acts gently to free pores and restore smooth, even skin.

What daily treatment for my imperfections?

At Nohèm, we have created a range of anti-blemish and mattifying products, formulated with natural ingredients renowned for their purifying and regenerating properties. Among them, vegetable charcoal, rice powder, horse chestnut, lemongrass, black seed oil and Neroli essential oil.
The latest addition to the Ayurveic range : the targeted anti-imperfection treatment, is a concentrate of active ingredients to eliminate unwanted spots. In a few days of application, it will deeply purify and dry the pimple while preserving the natural balance of the skin. Its mini format makes it a formidable ally to take everywhere!

target treatment texture against pimples

Nohèm beauty routine for skin prone to imperfections

How to properly clean your skin when you have pimples?

Cleanse, exfoliate, adopt a rigorous cleansing routine!

Clean your face daily

Use a rice-based exfoliating powder to gently remove impurities and dead cells. Remove your makeup every evening with a lotion or our makeup remover jelly.

exfoliating powder with vegetable charcoal

Exfoliate your face regularly

Complete your skincare routine with a weekly exfoliation followed by a purifying mask. This step removes embedded impurities and unclogs pores, leaving skin clean, fresh and revitalized.

Texture of the rice powder mask scrub

Should you moisturize oily skin?

Contrary to popular belief, hydration is essential even for oily skin. Opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic creams that hydrate without clogging pores. Before applying your serum and moisturizer, tone your skin with a mattifying lotion for a perfectly smooth and balanced finish.

With our range of purifying products, rediscover the pleasure of clear, radiant skin full of vitality. Adopt a skincare routine adapted to your skin type and let yourself be guided by our carefully formulated products to enhance your natural beauty.

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