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Dry facial brushing is an ancient exfoliation technique that involves brushing the dry skin on your face using a brush. Using dry brushing in your beauty routine can offer many benefits to the skin, both physical and aesthetic, for softer, brighter and healthier skin! We show you the correct gestures right here!

Beauty accessory The benefits of dry brushing

Used as part of a regular beauty routine, dry facial brushing can help improve skin quality.

First of all, dry brushing allows lymphatic drainage by activating the circulation of lymph, essential for boosting our immune system and detoxifying. The skin breathes and is oxygenated!

Then, this technique helps improve blood circulation by stimulating the underlying areas of the skin.

Finally, dry brushing helps improve the appearance of the skin . Indeed, it is an excellent natural and gentle scrub which will remove dead cells, free pores and thus eliminate toxins.

After dry brushing, the skin is softer, clearer and healthier, ready to receive its daily care.

Tutorial Routine for using the face brush

The Different Steps of the Dry Brushing Routine:

This technique must be performed on clean, dry skin, without prior application of products.

Dry face brushing method:

Step 1 : Start by stimulating the neckline by making energetic circular movements that go up to behind the ears.

Step 2 : Stimulate the lower face with small circular movements up to the hairline.

Step 3 : Go up to the cheekbones and continue your circular movements up to the temples.

Step 4 : Smooth your forehead again using circular movements from the start of the forehead towards the hairline.

Step 5 : Your skin is ready to receive its daily care. It's time to apply your treatment serum and daily cream.

Note : Avoid the eye area and mouth, which are too sensitive.

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