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Is your skin prone to imperfections? It's time to adopt a suitable routine that will help you reduce them!

Skin imperfections can affect self-confidence and quality of life. If you're looking to improve your skin, here are some tips for establishing new habits that will help improve its quality and appearance over time.

Adopt our anti-imperfection routine to regain healthy, glowing skin!

Good practices The benefits of an anti-imperfection routine:

A good anti-blemish routine will help regulate sebum production and help your skin regain its balance between sebum production and your skin's natural hydration. This routine will also act on imperfections already formed in order to accelerate their disappearance.

Perfect makeup removal and deep cleansing will prepare your skin to receive targeted treatments which will little by little help reduce the unsightly imperfections that bother you so much!

Once or twice a week, consider doing a scrub and a mask to complete your daily routine and help your skin regain its balance.

Finally, remember that achieving beautiful skin can take time, so be patient! It is a gentle mix between an adapted anti-imperfection routine, applied daily, and a healthy lifestyle.

With a little perseverance, you will see that your skin will be healthier and more radiant over time!

Tutorial Anti-imperfection ritual

Have healthy, clear skin in just 1 minute? It's possible !

Goodbye dull complexion and skin imperfections with this routine that is gentle, purifying and effective thanks to healthy, natural products and appropriate gestures:

1st step: Application of a makeup remover jelly with an oily texture to dry face to effectively dilute all traces of makeup, then add water so that the texture turns into milk, and rinse thoroughly.

2nd step: Continue your skin cleansing with a second step which consists of deeply cleansing your skin texture with a very gentle exfoliating powder to place in the palm of your hands, add water and lather.

3rd step: To complete your skin cleansing, apply a toning lotion to a cotton pad. Your skin is then fresh and clean, ready to receive its treatment treatments.

4th step: Apply your targeted treatment with our Ayurvedic oil-serum.

5th step: Ultimate step to lightly hydrate your skin with our moisturizing and mattifying cream with an ultra fresh texture which penetrates quickly and leaves a matte finish on the skin!

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