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Respect the environment A certified organic In & Out skincare range

Nohèm selects natural (99% to 100% of total ingredients), organic (10% to 74% of total ingredients) and fair trade ingredients.

The products are certified organic according to the Cosmos and Ecocert standards.

Driven by a global eco-design approach, the brand is concerned about respecting the environment.

Organic and responsible Ethical and committed

Nohèm buys its ingredients from women in the South, producers of the raw materials at the heart of cosmetic formulations, at a fair price, in the spirit of fair trade, a commercial relationship that allows these women to live decently from their harvest.

For beauty and well-being
Nohèm offers the best of all the beauties of the world adapted to Western consumers. Specifically developed treatment and massage protocols are associated with the products, to further perfect the Nohèm beauty ritual, according to contemporary aesthetic techniques.

The founder Founder Noémie Amisse

Noémie Amisse has always been driven by one conviction: mutual aid and support for disadvantaged populations are a priority for her. She decided to invest herself completely in the world of associations and charities, by creating her own foundation in 2009: the Amisse Foundation. On the strength of this experience, Noémie Amisse then nourishes other wishes for the women of the countries of the South. Taking the notion of sharing even further by launching Nohèm, a range of luxury cosmetics, signals a new commitment. The women of the South, producers of cosmetic raw materials, are able to sell their production at a fair price and the range of care products is designed using active ingredients of guaranteed exceptional quality. Female solidarity therefore goes beyond borders and allows women around the world to share their beauty secrets.

SPA know-how

Each Nohèm treatment is a real sensory journey. This escape of the senses continues and affirms itself thanks to unique rituals born from gestures of ancestral well-being collected from all over the world and refined by our therapists. Each Nohèm ritual develops both a gesture derived from classic cosmetics, with proven effects, and a unique approach to traditional treatments recognized in Asia, Africa and the Far North. In order for the sensory journey to be complete, Nohèm also organizes training sessions during which all its face and body protocols are taught.

Nohem products

Cleansing – hydration – radiance boost Face range

Inspired by the best of Asia

Asian women have always taken great care of their skin, which does not seem to suffer from the onslaught of time. Their perfect complexion, the radiance and tone of the dermis, they owe it to ancestral ingredients. Nohèm face care products have the same base, intended to moisturize and nourish the skin to preserve all its youthfulness: it is kendi oil, known and used in Indonesia for its richness in Omega 3, and its non-toxic finish. greasy, which leaves the skin soft. Then, various precious active ingredients recognized for their targeted actions are added, such as white rice wax, aloe vera, Thai rice powder, goji berry or even white tea.

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Lifting – firmness Anti-Aging Range

Inspired by the Far North

An invigorating and energizing effect for the skin, the beauty techniques of the Far North also promote the inner well-being essential to physical well-being. It is all these properties associated with polar active ingredients with proven anti-aging effectiveness and firmness that Nohèm provides in 3 new anti-aging treatments. Effective and sensory treatments...for a trip rich in thrills!

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Hydration – firmness – slimming Body range

Inspired by the best of Africa

Skincare in Africa has the rustic sophistication of nature. The body is very important in Africa and we value its flexibility, its natural musculature, its freedom. Its beauty is like the continent: powerful, earthy, authentic. The care products are authentic because the raw materials used are still part of the traditions of the villages and are renowned for their extraordinary effectiveness: shea butter, baobab oil, argan oil.

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Purifiant et éclat Gamme ayurvédique

La gamme ayurvédique de Nohèm permet de purifier et
harmoniser le corps et l’esprit.

Des huiles essentielles aux vertus purifiantes et astringentes
afin d’améliorer la qualité de la peau.

Jour après jour, la peau retrouve éclat, pureté et
uniformité au niveau du teint.

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