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Discover the anti-aging night routine of Noémie, founder of Nohèm with products from the Grand-Nord range.

Noémie, an active mother of two children, has a fast-paced life, which has never stopped her from taking time to take care of herself and her well-being! Here, she reveals her beauty secrets to preserve the youthfulness of her skin with a simple, quick and 100% natural routine.

“I am deeply convinced that doing good on the inside is an essential gesture to reveal our external beauty.”

Tutorial Noémie’s Evening Anti-Aging Routine

After completely removing makeup and cleansing her face, Noémie takes the time to apply her products to moisturize and regenerate her skin overnight while allowing herself time to massage and deeply relax her facial features.

Step 1: She applies her lifting and tightening treatment serum which acts deeply on the signs of aging, moisturizes and reduces spots. She loves its fresh and fluid texture which penetrates quickly. 

Step 2: She practice a facial massage with her white jade Gua Sha by sliding it from the inside to the outside with slow, sustained movements.

Step 3 : She applies her overall night treatment to her décolleté, neck and face and warms it in the palm of her hands for more fluidity.

Step 4 – She pays particular attention to her eye contour by applying a specific treatment for this fine and sensitive area which will act on her dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines from dehydration.

Step 5 - She massages her eye area with the obsidian stone massage stick. Its ergonomic shape and its fresh effect on the skin help to drain, decongest and smooth wrinkles to restore tone to the look.

Step 6 – Before going to sleep, she drinks a cup of organic relax infusion , an essential gesture to guarantee her a light and restful sleep!

Anti-aging routine Steps in videos

Beauty accessory The benefits of an evening routine on the signs of aging

Establish a nighttime beauty routine, an essential step to combat the effects of time effectively! Noémie understands this well: to get results, you have to take care of your skin daily with expert care and appropriate gestures.

First of all, nighttime is the key time for the regeneration of our skin and to fight against the aggressions of time . It is therefore necessary to find specific treatments to optimize this reconstruction during the night.

Then, it is important to take time to apply your treatments and create a moment for yourself as much as possible with a ritual by massaging your face.

Accessories exist such as Gua Shas which sculpt the face or an obsidian stone massage stick which relaxes the facial features. Its accessories help the penetration of active ingredients while preparing for sleep.

Finally, using a regular night routine is the right reflex that will restore comfort and radiance to your skin while providing a moment of relaxation, escape and comfort to your mind!

In the morning, your face is relaxed, your skin is plumped and your complexion is luminous!

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