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Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone


The Nohèm anti-cellulite suction cup is the ideal solution to combat cellulite and restore firmness to your skin. Thanks to its maneuverability, this natural silicone suction cup offers you an extremely simple palpation-rolling experience at home, and allows the elimination of unwanted dimples in just 5 minutes of daily use.
The suction cups are sold in sets of 2, one large and one smaller depending on the areas to be worked.

For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to combine the use of cupping with our slimming oil.

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ventouses cellulite en silicone naturel

Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone

Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone

Usage tips

L'utilisation des ventouses cellulite Nohèm est simple et peut être intégrée facilement dans votre routine beauté.

Voici quelques conseils pour tirer le meilleur parti de cette merveilleuse innovation :

Commencez par pincer la ventouse et placez-la sur la zone que vous souhaitez traiter. L'ajustement de la pression dépend de votre sensibilité personnelle, alors n'hésitez pas à adapter la force de l'aspiration en conséquence.

Une fois la ventouse en place, faites-la glisser doucement sur votre peau en suivant différentes directions. Il est essentiel de maintenir la ventouse en silicone en mouvement pour éviter tout risque de succion excessive ou d'ecchymoses.

Les mouvements à effectuer sont les suivants :

Répétez ces gestes pendant 5 minutes sur chaque zone que vous souhaitez traiter, en veillant à utiliser un gel ou une huile adaptée pour faciliter le glissement de la ventouse. Il est recommandé de pratiquer cette routine quelques fois par semaine pour des résultats visibles et durables.

Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone

Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone


The action of the Nohèm natural silicone suction cup is simple, but incredibly effective.

Associated with theslimming oil, it acts by suctioning the skin and subcutaneous tissue, thus reproducing the gis well known about palpating and rolling, a technique popular in beauty institutes.

This deep massage helps to dislodge fat deposits,stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, key elements in the fight against cellulite.

Not only does it target these problem areas, but it also works bysmoothing orange peelto give it a smoother and more uniform appearance.

Furthermore, instimulating collagen production, the Nohèm suction cup helps to firm the skin, giving it a more youthful and toned appearance.

Using the Nohèm suction cup is simple and can be easily integrated into your beauty routine. Here are some tips for getting the most out of this wonderful innovation:

  1. Start by pinching the suction cup and placing it on the area you wish to treat. Adjusting the pressure depends on your personal sensitivity, so feel free to adjust the strength of the suction accordingly.
  2. Once the suction cup is in place, gently slide it over your skin in different directions. It is essential to keep the silicone suction cup moving to avoid any risk of excessive suction or bruising. The movements to be performed are as follows:

Repeat these actions for 5 minutes on each area you wish to treat, making sure to use a suitable gel or oil to make the suction cup easier to slide.

It is recommended to practice this routine a few times a week for visible and lasting results.

Anti-cellulite suction cup in natural silicone

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