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Portrait of Noémie Amisse: a woman committed to Nohèm!

Nohèm: organic, ethical and committed cosmetics brand!

On this Women's Rights Day, we want to highlight the person behind the ethical and committed Nohèm brand: Noémie Amisse. She embodies a model of an inspiring woman who shares with the whole world her values ​​and her commitments in favor of women.

The Amisse Foundation

Nohèm, this brand which is gaining notoriety, is much more than a simple cosmetics company. It reflects the deep convictions of Noémie, who created the Amisse foundation in 2009. This foundation's essential mission is to work for the economic and social emancipation of women in the countries of the South. This noble cause is achieved through access to education, professional training, and economic activity opportunities for disadvantaged women.

An ode to feminine beauty

Noémie draws her inspiration from the encounters she has made in the four corners of the globe, from Africa to Asia, including Polynesia, India and the Far North. These exchanges were an invaluable source of know-how and experience for her. She has created a range of cosmetics that celebrates the diversity of female beauty around the world while adapting it to the needs of Western consumers.

Raw materials at a fair price

Nohèm's commitment lies in its supply of raw materials. The brand buys these precious resources directly from the women in the Southern regions who produce them, at a fair price. This ethical commercial relationship allows these women to make a decent living from their harvests, to meet their needs with dignity and to contribute to their economic development.

Accompaniment and support for women in need

Currently, the Amisse foundation has embarked on a project aimed at supporting women in vulnerable situations after childbirth. In partnership with the association “Le Rire Médecin,” Noémie’s foundation brings a little joy and comfort to women who have just given birth in difficult conditions at the Nantes University Hospital. This initiative perfectly illustrates Nohèm's commitment to the well-being of women, whether through its cosmetic products or its philanthropic actions.

Chabada maternity project
with the association “Le Rire Médecin” at CHU NANTES

Nohèm is not only an ethical and committed brand, it embodies these values ​​on a daily basis. Thanks to Noémie and the Amisse Foundation , women around the world benefit from new opportunities, a better quality of life, and invaluable support. On this Women's Rights Day, Nohèm and its founder are inspiring examples of what commitment to women's causes can achieve.

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