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The skin is a living organ that evolves with time, the seasons, the environment... It deserves a tailor-made routine: watch it change and adapt your facial care according to your current concerns. In any case, there is a Nohèm treatment made for you.
One of the key elements of an effective skincare routine is hydration. However, not all moisturizers are suitable for all skin types. In this article, we'll explore how to choose the best moisturizer based on your skin type. We will examine the specific needs of sensitive skin, combination to oily skin and mature skin.

Moisturizing treatment for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is delicate and reactive, often prone to redness, irritation and itching. Choosing the right moisturizer for this skin type is crucial to avoid unwanted reactions.

Here are some tips for finding the ideal moisturizer for sensitive skin:

Opt for hypoallergenic products without essential oils

Hypoallergenic products are formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies. They are generally free of fragrances, dyes and harsh ingredients. Essential oils should be avoided because they can be allergenic and intolerable by sensitive and reactive skin. Look for moisturizers labeled "hypoallergenic" for a safer option.

Choose a light texture

Sensitive skin tends to react negatively to heavy and oily products. Instead, opt for a light moisturizer based on water, gel or lotion. These textures are less likely to cause clogged pores or skin reactions.

Promote anti-oxidants

Antioxidant ingredients, like natural lemon extract and kendi oil, help calm and reduce skin irritation. Look for products containing these ingredients to soothe your sensitive skin and protect it from external aggressions.

Nohèm moisturizing and anti-oxidant treatment
is suitable for the most dehydrated skin thanks to its ultra moisturizing and anti-oxidant, preventative anti-aging action. This moisturizing and soothing treatment will bring you suppleness and comfort with a feeling of freshness and softness on your skin.


Moisturizing treatment for combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin tends to be prone to excessive shine and uneven skin texture. This type of skin produces too much sebum in your T zone. It can also appear dehydrated in certain areas and lack radiance. It is important to purify and lightly hydrate it while treating imperfections.

Opt for non-comedogenic formulations

Combination to oily skin needs moisturizer that does not clog pores. Non-comedogenic products are specially designed not to promote the formation of blackheads or acne. Make sure your moisturizer is labeled this way.

Look for mattifying ingredients

To control shine, look for absorbent ingredients like clay or charcoal. Horsetail is also known for its ability to tighten pores. These purifying compounds help reduce excess oil and maintain matte skin throughout the day while keeping it hydrated.

Avoid occlusive oils

Contrary to popular belief, oil is not prohibited, you just need to choose the right one. Applying occlusive oils, such as coconut oil or fatty substances such as shea butter, can worsen sebum production and shine. Instead, look for formulations that are oil-free or based on essential oils such as Lemongrass and Neroli which will play an important role in rebalancing and slowing the overproduction of sebum, combined with anti-inflammatory and healing oils such as Black Seed Oil. and castor oil and incense.

Nohèm mattifying treatment
Nohèm mattifying moisturizing fluid will give you clear skin and a luminous complexion. A second skin effect with its fine and light texture which does not shine.

Moisturizing treatment for mature skin

Your skin slackens, it is less comfortable, less elastic and less plump, your deep wrinkles have set in and you notice a sagging of the oval of your face: your skin is said to be mature .
This skin type needs intense hydration to combat loss of elasticity, wrinkles and dryness.

Here's how to choose the best moisturizer:

Opt for anti-aging care

Look for moisturizers containing anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or retinol combined with protective and regenerating active ingredients. These compounds can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm skin, and promote cell turnover that becomes more difficult over time.

Choose a rich texture
Mature skin needs more intensive hydration, so opt for a creamy texture or rich cream. These products will provide deep, long-lasting hydration.

Look for hydrating ingredients

Moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and ceramides can help restore the skin barrier and keep skin supple and hydrated.

Avoid irritating products

Avoid moisturizers with harsh ingredients that could aggravate existing skin problems. Choose gentle and nourishing products.

The Nohèm global facial treatment
The Nohèm global anti-aging treatment is a real bath of youth for your skin. This facial treatment combats the effects of time, smoothes facial features and intensely plumps up. It provides comfort, soothing and firmness while reinforcing the protection of the skin against external aggressions. A comfortable cream with a generous texture for supple and plump skin!

Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type is essential to maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Take the time to understand your skin's needs, and don't hesitate to consult our expert beauty coaches for specific recommendations if you have any particular concerns. With the right moisturizer, you can improve the health of your skin and give it the glow it deserves.

    Take care of your skin, it is unique!

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