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Facial Gua Sha: the beauty accessory that works miracles!

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Facial Gua Sha: the beauty accessory that works miracles!

The Gua Sha stone, this little treasure from traditional Chinese medicine, has become THE unmissable star in the world of facial beauty.
The principle of traditional gua sha massage is to scrape the skin by stimulating acupressure points to regulate energy flows and relieve various symptoms, the Gua Sha stone has evolved to become a precious beauty ally which allows you to obtain healthy skin. radiant and firmed! It is also used in our new Japanese lifting treatment called Kobido .

So, what is this magical Gua Sha?

It is a deep massage tool made from semi-precious stones. Chinese women, concerned about their soft, healthy skin, originally used it, but it quickly established itself as the best friend of anyone looking to have glowing, firm skin.

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves smoothing the skin. It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps eliminate toxins. It can relieve certain pains and tensions, in order to improve the flexibility of the joints.

What are the benefits of white jade Gua Sha?

According to lithotherapy, each stone has its preferences. Rose quartz soothes and calms, while jade stone will be popular with those who want to get rid of imperfections and do a little detox. Jade, with its cooling properties, is like a makeover for the skin. White jade is a stone of purity, it is a stone of wisdom, dedicated to beautiful souls. It reduces stress, strengthens the skin, stimulates the immune system, inner peace and serenity will promote harmony. A stone symbol of abundance, it stimulates positive “chi” energy, which will help the skin regain all its strength and volume.

Facial Gua Sha, for what skin type?

Gua sha works on all skin types! They sculpt the features, firm, tone, brighten the complexion and improve the absorption of treatments. Jade stone is a real favorite for combination to oily skin, those who want to get rid of imperfections and do a little detox. Jade, with its cooling properties, is like a makeover for the skin.

How to use this magic stone on the face?

Using Gua Sha on the face is a delicate art. It all starts by applying a moisturizing oil or balm so that the stone glides like a cloud.

Then, with slow, steady movements, let the Gua Sha dance across your face. Follow the natural curves, from the center outwards. The smooth edges of the white jade stone fit your face perfectly, giving you a soothing feeling while stimulating blood circulation.

If you are tempted by this massage, discover our Kobido treatment carried out in our institute in La Baule.

What are the superpowers of facial Gua Sha?

The benefits of Gua Sha on the skin are truly numerous. By integrating it into your skincare routine, expect visible results very quickly. The boosted blood circulation will give a burst of oxygen to your skin cells, leaving your skin bright and revitalized.

White Jade Gua Sha acts as a regeneration ace, encouraging the birth of new skin cells and improving the texture of your skin. And who hasn’t dreamed of an anti-bags remedy under the eyes? By gently massaging this delicate area of ​​the face, the facial Gua Sha stone reduces dark circles and puffiness, giving you a fresh and rejuvenated look.

And to top it all off, Gua Sha is the king of toning. Targeted movements tone facial muscles, saying goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. It's like a yoga session for your face, a gentle alternative to more strenuous cosmetic procedures.

Our White Jade Gua Sha stones: The essential for radiant skin!

Discover the authenticity and effectiveness of our white jade Gua sha. These little wonders of nature are THE absolute must-have for your skincare routine, providing a relaxing and sculpting facial massage experience. A little piece of heaven for your face!

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