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Lifting facial massage: discover Kobido

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Lifting facial massage: discover Kobido

Originally from Japan, this facial massage combines tradition and relaxation technique. In this article, we will seek to find out what differentiates it from other massages, the exceptional results it promises and we will look at its effectiveness compared to a mechanical massage!

Where does Kobido facial massage come from?

Kobido has its roots in Japanese tradition dating back centuries. Initially developed in the imperial palaces, this facial massage has been passed down from generation to generation, reserved for the elite for its revitalizing benefits. “Kobido” literally translates to “ancient way of beauty,” highlighting its close connection to beauty and wellness practices inherited from the past.

What makes it different from other massages?

Kobido stands out for its expert techniques, combining precise movements and balanced pressure on specific points of the face, neck and décolleté. Unlike other facial massages, Kobido focuses on stimulating energy meridians, thus promoting blood and lymphatic circulation. Kobido practitioners view the face as a map reflecting the internal state of the body, targeting specific areas to eliminate tension and revitalize the skin.

What are the results of Kobido massage?

This massage is known to stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a radiant complexion. Additionally, Kobido can help reduce muscle tension, relieve headaches and improve lymphatic circulation, contributing to a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance.

Is a manual massage as effective as a mechanical massage?

Although mechanical massages have gained popularity due to their effectiveness and convenience, the Kobido offers a unique experience. The expert hands of a Kobido practitioner can adjust the pressure according to the specific needs of each individual, adapting to the texture and sensitivity of the skin. This allows for unparalleled customization, which can be difficult to replicate with a mechanical device.

Deep massage and facial yoga, same result?

Kobido, often compared to facial yoga, shares certain similarities. Both approaches aim to tone facial muscles, stimulate circulation and promote a youthful appearance. However, Kobido stands out for its holistic aspect, combining precise manual techniques with a deep understanding of energy meridians. While facial yoga focuses on muscle exercises, Kobido goes beyond working on internal energy for even more comprehensive results.

Training in Kobido facial massage

Each method of massage, body or face, uses its own techniques. Those of the Kobido method, the Japanese face lifting techniques, are very numerous and orchestrated with precision. If you are a beautician or beauty and well-being practitioner, training is necessary to offer this type of lifting treatment.

Nohèm has set up specific training to learn these technical variations. You will learn to stimulate special points along the meridians, to adopt new gestures and manual techniques and thus to develop your skills.

Kobido is a unique facial massage technique. Its results are remarkable, its unparalleled personalization and its holistic approach make it a unique experience. Whether you are looking to revitalize your skin, relieve stress or regain a youthful appearance, Kobido offers an unrivaled sensory journey to beauty and well-being.

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