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How to fight against skin imperfections?

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How to fight against skin imperfections?

How to find clear skin with our anti-imperfection treatments?

Are you looking for a solution for smoother, more radiant skin? You are in the right place ! With our anti-blemish treatments, say goodbye to skin concerns and find a perfectly clear complexion with our purifying Ayurvedic range.

Why are oily skin prone to skin blemishes?

If you have oily skin, you know how common blemishes can be. This is due to overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands, leading to areas of shine and making it difficult to maintain flawless makeup.

How do skin imperfections form and how to treat them?

When sebum clogs the pores of the skin, it creates a breeding ground for pimples and blackheads. These can also cause pores to dilate. But don't worry, our anti-blemish treatments are here to help you regain smooth skin and an even complexion.

What are the key ingredients in our anti-blemish treatments and how do they work?

Our treatments are formulated with natural ingredients such as vegetable charcoal, rice powder, horse chestnut, lemongrass, black seed oil or Neroli essential oil. They act gently to purify and cleanse your skin, while respecting its natural balance.

What are the steps to good cleansing for oily, blemished skin?

To take care of your oily skin, it is essential to clean your face morning and evening with a suitable cleanser. For this we recommend using our facial exfoliating powder with rice powder which will delicately exfoliate your face and gently remove it. the impurities. And don't forget to remove makeup from your skin, with a natural makeup remover lotion or our gentle organic makeup remover jelly, every evening before applying your nightly moisturizers.

What are the preferred products to deeply exfoliate and purify oily skin?

For deep cleansing, there's nothing like a good facial scrub followed by a mask. This helps eliminate impurities and deeply purify your skin.

Should you moisturize oily skin with imperfections and how to choose your cream?

Yes, it is important to moisturize your skin even if it is oily. This prevents your skin from producing even more sebum to compensate. It is important to hydrate it with humectant and non-nourishing active ingredients which will not be suitable for your skin type! Opt for light, non-comedogenic creams to avoid clogging your pores.

What are our recommended products to moisturize and treat imperfections?

Before applying your serum and cream, consider using a mattifying lotion to tone and prep your skin. And if, despite everything, you have a few persistent spots, a treatment oil is there to act deeply. It also helps in healing the skin.

How to protect oily, blemished skin from the sun?

In summer, your oily skin may seem less prone to blemishes. But be careful, this is only temporary! To prevent problems from returning with a vengeance after summer, consider using appropriate sun care to protect your skin from sun damage.

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