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Dry facial brushing

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Dry facial brushing

Dry facial brushing, also known as lymphatic brushing, is an ancient method of body and facial care. This technique consists of dry brushing the skin using a brush with natural bristles , thus offering a specific massage with multiple health benefits.

  • What is dry facial brushing?
  • The benefits
  • The brushing method
  • How often should you dry brush?
  • The choice and maintenance of the brush
  • Why dry brush your face?

1/ What is dry brushing?

Dry facial brushing is an ancestral exfoliation technique which consists of brushing the dry skin of the face using a natural bristle brush and performing a specific and energetic massage for healthy and healthy skin. health. Using dry brushing in your beauty routine can provide many benefits for the skin, both physical and aesthetic.

2/ The benefits of dry face brushing:

Dry brushing provides many benefits, both physical and aesthetic, for softer, brighter and healthier skin.

Used as part of a regular beauty routine, dry facial brushing can help improve skin quality. First of all, dry brushing allows lymphatic drainage by activating the circulation of lymph, essential for boosting our immune system and detoxifying. The skin breathes and is oxygenated! Then, this technique helps improve blood circulation by stimulating the underlying areas of the skin. Finally, dry brushing helps improve the appearance of the skin . Indeed, it is an excellent natural and gentle scrub which will remove dead cells, free pores and thus eliminate toxins. After dry brushing, the skin is softer, clearer and healthier, ready to receive its daily care.

    3/ Dry facial brushing: effective against acne?

    Like a scrub, dry brushing the face helps eliminate dead skin and renew cells but also removes accumulated toxins. A natural detox effect that helps get rid of the impurities that cause certain small pimples. But be careful, however, to have a light hand on your face, as this risks stimulating sebum production, especially when you have oily or problem skin. In this case, it is better to choose an electric or manual facial cleansing brush and appropriate care. And if you have any doubts, it is advisable to contact a dermatologist to find a skincare routine suited to your facial skin.

    4/ The dry face brushing method

    It is possible to perform a dry massage without going to an institute, here are some tips for doing it well at home:

    On clean, dry skin, gently brush your décolleté, neck and face using light circular movements from the décolleté towards the temples and the top of the face. Brush gently, avoiding the eye area and mouth.

    5/ How often should you dry brush?

    Dry brushing should be done once a day for the effects to be felt more fully.

    To optimize its benefits, it should be done before showering in the morning or evening. The shower will remove the last residues of dead skin. A cool shower will tighten pores and activate blood circulation.

    For facial brushing, a frequency of once or twice a week is sufficient because the skin is more sensitive.

    After showering, it is important to properly hydrate and nourish your skin with appropriate care: serum, cream, fluid, etc.

    You can perform this technique daily for a boost effect or once or twice a week for the most sensitive skin.


    Usage time Duration: 5 to 10 minutes

    6/ The choice and maintenance of the brush

    For dry facial brushing, opt for a brush with a small head and soft natural fiber bristles allowing you to exfoliate the skin without damaging it.

    It is important to take good care of your brush and wash it regularly with soap and dry it well. The Nohèm brush has an ergonomic shape making it easier to hold for simple brushing.

    7/ Why practice dry face brushing?

    Because it offers a moment of relaxation for a spa moment at home. This trendy beauty gesture is therefore a must to boost our immunity and have beautiful skin.

    Dry brushing helps remove dead surface cells and promotes cell regeneration through brush exfoliation. The skin breathes more freely and becomes ultra-soft. The penetration of cosmetics used in your routine subsequently will be favored.

    Dry brushing, the best natural exfoliation technique to get new skin and reveal the radiance of your complexion!

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