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How to moisturize dry skin?

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How to moisturize dry skin?

Does your skin look like that of a croc? Does it itch or pull? You probably have dry skin!

Dry skin requires special attention and appropriate care to regain its suppleness and radiance. Often subject to a feeling of tightness and redness, they require deep and regular hydration. In this article, we will explain the different steps and essential products to effectively hydrate dry skin, drawing inspiration from the advice and products of the Nohèm brand.

Understanding the needs of dry skin

Dry and very dry skin has a thin hydrolipidic film, which makes it more sensitive to external aggressions. They lack water and sebum, which can lead to a feeling of tightness, irritation and redness. Additionally, they are more prone to flaking and may show signs of premature aging. Thus, hydration is essential to restore comfort and balance to these skin types.

Gentle cleansing for dry skin

Before applying any moisturizer, it is crucial to gently cleanse the skin. Cleansing products must be delicate to avoid further harming dry skin. Nohèm offers a range of cleansers suitable for all skin types, particularly dry skin, such as organic cleansing lotion with aloe vera. This product gently removes impurities and makeup, without causing a feeling of tightness and hydrates the skin thanks to its dual action. With this facial cleanser, your skin will be perfectly cleansed, hydrated and radiant with beauty!

Deep exfoliation and hydration

For optimal hydration, it is recommended to exfoliate dry skin once or twice a week, followed by a hydrating mask. Nohèm's 2-in-1 scrub-mask , thanks to its playful application, allows for perfect, gentle exfoliation of the face thanks to rice powder and a reinforced moisturizing effect thanks to the mask, enriched with organic shea butter. It provides gentle exfoliation to reveal the skin's natural radiance without drying it out. Then, the Nohèm fabric mask deeply nourishes and softens dry skin, restoring suppleness and comfort. For the body, using the nourishing body scrub from our Africa range is ideal for dry skin. This body scrub based on Argan shell will perfectly exfoliate the entire body, while Argan oil and Shea Butter will regenerate and deeply hydrate your dry skin, leaving it with a soft veil for the entire duration. daytime.

Argan shell body scrub

The power of serums

Serums are powerful allies in hydrating dry skin. They offer a high concentration of moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients. The ultra-hydration and anti-pollution serum from Nohèm is specially formulated to hydrate, de-suffy and plump the epidermis in depth. For dry mature skin, Nohèm anti-aging serum with brown algae protects and intensely hydrates.

Adapted day and night care

Day and night care is essential to maintain skin hydration throughout the day and during the night when the skin regenerates. Nohèm offers a range of beauty products adapted to the specific needs of dry skin, such as the nourishing and regenerating Africa oil for intense hydration during the day, or the multi-use balm which will repair and intensely nourish the skin.

Eye contour care

Finally, don't forget the eye area, which requires special hydration. Our hydrogel eye patch mask brightens the eyes and reduces signs of fatigue instantly.

eye patch that moisturizes and brightens the eye area

Moisturizing dry skin requires a comprehensive and tailored approach. By following these steps and using the right products, it is possible to regain soft, supple and healthy-looking skin.

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