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Spring beauty tips 🌷

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Spring beauty tips 🌷

🌷 Spring has arrived! Nature awakens after its long winter sleep. It's the same for our skin, which after going through winter, prepares to be beautiful under the spring sun. It's time to think about changing our skincare routine to adapt to the changes that our skin will experience with the return of sunny days.

At Nohèm, we believe that beauty must be seen in its entirety. We will discuss not only the condition of your skin, but also natural ingredients and actions to use to have luminous and healthy skin to welcome spring in the best conditions!

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Skin changes in spring

When spring comes, our skin changes too! After the cold, dry months of winter, it may appear dry , dull, dehydrated, or even irritated. Varying temperatures, wind and cold, and dry air can all cause these skin problems. But with the arrival of spring, when it is warmer and more humid, our skin begins to wake up and its needs change.

In spring, it is important to hydrate our skin while controlling sebum production, which can increase with the heat. Pores can become more visible due to the buildup of sebum and dead skin cells in winter. It is also crucial to protect the skin from the harshest sun to avoid damage.

Finally, spring can cause reactions on the skin. After years of experience, we have noticed that many people have skin problems at this time of year. So, we're going to use the right ingredients to help avoid these problems, especially for sensitive skin.

Important Ingredients for Spring

To meet the needs of our skin in spring, we must choose products that hydrate well, contain antioxidants and regulate sebum. Here are some ingredients to favor:

- Vegetable oils and Aloe Vera: which help keep the skin hydrated and supple.

- Soothing plant extracts such as chamomile, cornflower or lotus flower: these ingredients calm irritations caused by changes in the weather.

- Rice powder and lotus powder: which gently exfoliate and help eliminate dead cells and restore radiance to the skin.

- Antioxidants such as red algae and Albizia julibrissin which protect the skin against free radicals and reduce pigment spots. In this season, it is important to use them to prevent skin aging and brighten the complexion.

By using these ingredients, your skin will regain its natural glow after this long rainy winter.

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Holistic Beauty Tips for Spring

At Nohèm, we believe that beauty comes from the inside and the outside and we are fervent defenders of clean beauty . Here are some tips for taking care of yourself overall:

- Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It's important to have beautiful skin. Try to drink water throughout the day and avoid sugary drinks.

- Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in antioxidants such as red fruits, green vegetables and citrus fruits.

- Walk and clear your mind, contemplate nature, escape. nature has anti-stress properties and helps improve your physical condition.

- Protect yourself from the first rays of the sun by wearing a hat and using sunscreen to apply after your daily care.

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These tips, although simple, are important for your well-being and beauty. Take a few minutes every day to relax, it will show on your skin and your well-being!

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