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How to take care of the eye area?

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How to take care of the eye area?

The area around the eyes is characterized by particularly thin skin. It is therefore more prone to the early appearance of signs of fatigue such as puffiness or the first wrinkles. Fine lines, more commonly called "crow's feet", are symptomatic of this delicate area.

How to erase the signs of aging or fatigue around the eyes?

To counter these imperfections, daily application of an eye contour cream, morning and evening, is essential. This practice not only prevents these signs of aging, but also treats them effectively. Even after a night of restful sleep, the eyes can show signs of fatigue such as bags, dark circles and drawn lines when you wake up. The eye contour cream then intervenes to rehydrate and plump the skin, thus giving your eyes a young and revitalized appearance.

Nohèm has developed specific treatments for the eye area, enriched with plant active ingredients such as cornflower floral water, albizia julibrissin or microalgae to meet the specific needs of this sensitive area. To choose the product that best suits your skin and learn the best way to apply it, follow our advice.

Hydrating the eye area is crucial to combat signs of aging, dark circles and bags. Unlike day and night creams, traditional treatments are often too rich for this delicate area. Due to frequent blinking and low number of sebaceous glands, the skin around the eyes requires specific care. An eye contour cream then becomes your essential ally to preserve the youthfulness of your eyes.

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To maintain the youthfulness of your eyes, it is important to wear sunglasses. It is as essential as daily application of eye cream. Glasses not only protect your eyes but also the eye area from damage caused by UV rays.

How to choose your eye contour?

The choice of eye contour treatment depends on the specific needs of your skin, just like day and night creams. It is recommended to start applying an eye cream from the age of 20 to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on your skin's needs, Nohèm offers eye contour treatments, targeting specific concerns such as bags, wrinkles or dark circles.

Application of eye contour treatment

As for application, the eye contour cream is applied in the morning at the end of your beauty routine, and in the evening on perfectly cleansed eyes. For optimal results, follow our tips on how to apply eye cream correctly by applying in small dabs and tapping gently to stimulate blood circulation.

Take care of your eyes with the right eye contour cream, and your eyes will retain all their youth and vitality.

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