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Mattifying cream: the beauty ally for combination to oily skin!

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Mattifying cream: the beauty ally for combination to oily skin!

Is sebum your worst nightmare? Do you dream of fresh, glowing skin?
Fortunately, our mattifying fluid exists! It is a real asset for women looking for mattified, shine-free skin.

We explain to you how our Ayurvedic mattifying cream works:

1. Our mattifying fluid controls excess sebum
One of the main virtues of mattifying cream is its power to control excess sebum. Sebum is an oily substance naturally produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Excess oil can lead to oily skin, enlarged pores and blemishes. Our mattifying treatment helps regulate sebum production, thereby reducing skin shine for a fresh complexion all day long.

2. Reduction of enlarged pores
Enlarged pores are often associated with oily skin. Regular application of a mattifying serum can help reduce pore size. By minimizing the appearance of pores, the mattifying cream promotes a more even, smoother complexion. It works by tightening pores and preventing the accumulation of sebum, dirt and dead cells on their surface.

3. Balanced hydration
Contrary to some popular belief, mattifying cream does not dry out the skin. In fact, many mattifying creams contain moisturizing agents that maintain the skin's moisture balance. This balanced hydration is essential to prevent the skin from producing even more sebum to compensate for possible dryness.

4. Acne Prevention :
Excess sebum is often associated with acne. By controlling sebum production and reducing shine, mattifying cream can help prevent the appearance of spots and blackheads. It can also help soothe skin irritations, which is beneficial for people with acne or facial redness.

5. Suitable for combination to oily skin:
The mattifying fluid from our Ayurvedic range is ideal for combination to oily skin. It acts like a real treatment. The skin is more mattified and the skin texture is refined. Our treatment is enriched with beneficial ingredients such as vegetable charcoal with absorbent and detoxifying properties and aloe vera with healing and moisturizing properties, in order to meet the specific needs of combination to oily skin.

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