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Beautiful skin, even in winter

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Beautiful skin, even in winter

How to keep skin hydrated and glowing, even in winter?

Winter and the cold are coming and your skin is starting to transform, it's time to adapt your moisturizers to comfort your skin. Now is the time to use rich creams or balms, both for the face and the body.

In this article, we will explain the effects of temperature changes on the skin and we will provide you with some advice on how to adapt your skincare routine to these changes.

What are the effects of these climate changes on the skin?

When winter and cold arrive, it doesn't take long for the skin to send us the first signals of discomfort , dryness and itching .
The reason ? The drop in temperatures, the cold wind, the variations in heat between inside and outside, but also unsuitable beauty routines.

How does the skin react to cold? The action of cold on the skin 

Exposure to cold is a real test for the skin, especially since it is the organ most exposed to temperature changes! Indeed, temperature variations between indoors and outdoors cause a significant loss of water from the hydrolipidic film , which leads to drying of the skin . Problem: in winter, we tend to feel less thirsty and therefore hydrate less. As a result, this water loss is never really replenished and the skin becomes drier and drier. The other consequence is that the hydrolipidic film no longer performs its protective barrier function, which makes the skin even more vulnerable to cold air and wind .

In addition, it can also be noted that the skin plays an important role in regulating body temperature . To protect us from the cold, the vessels of the skin will contract to prevent heat loss and protect vital organs . This temperature regulation function is essential to us, but you should also know that it leads to less good vascularization of the skin. As a result, the epidermis is less oxygenated and can suffer in the long term from chapping , microcuts and flaking .

Generally speaking, here are the most observed long-term effects of cold on the skin:

  • poor blood circulation

  • skin dryness

  • increased sensitivity (peeling, inflammation, tightness, redness, discomfort, intolerance to certain cosmetics, etc.)

  • slowdown in healing

  • poorer skin elasticity

Body and face: how to protect your skin from the effects of cold and wind?

Although the cold can be beneficial for the body and face , it goes without saying that it is important to adapt your beauty routine in order to protect your skin in winter. Nothing complicated about that! Yes, to take care of your skin in autumn, you just need to implement a few simple steps and use the right beauty products. Follow the Nohèm guide!


In autumn, there is no question of stopping cleaning your skin just because the water attacks it and makes it uncomfortable! To avoid this feeling of discomfort, simply favor the use of lukewarm water (although hot baths are very tempting) and that of a face and body cleanser composed of natural moisturizing, nourishing and protective ingredients. .

To avoid damaging your already weakened skin, remember to wipe it gently and apply your moisturizer quickly afterwards!


As soon as your skin is clean, think about hydration ! To hydrate the skin in cold weather, you can choose creams with more nourishing and creamy textures . In addition to providing the skin with what it needs, these creams will be very pleasant to use and will relieve areas of dry and uncomfortable skin! Test our Nohèm face and body repair balm : an ultra-melting balm to nourish and repair all dry areas.

Facial hydration : Boost your natural hydration with a hydrating serum that will act deeply to revive your skin's natural hydration mechanisms . Nohèm hydrating serum provides exceptional hydration from the first hours of application.

Apply a treatment with a creamier texture than usual to provide additional comfort to your skin in need. Our Nohèm Lumière Boréale treatment enriched with hydrosols, organic sunflower vegetable oil, and organic acacia honey will stimulate the regeneration of your skin to plump it day after day.

Eye hydration: It is important to pay particular attention to a sensitive area of ​​your face: the eyes. This delicate and fragile area which also suffers from wind and cold. Favor generous textures paying particular attention to the sensitive areas of your face: the eyes. The Great North Nohèm eye contour.

Body hydration : You can also use vegetable oils to moisturize the skin in winter : their benefits are excellent! Rich in essential fatty acids, they will deeply nourish the skin, hydrate it, protect it and restore its elasticity such as those present in our Afrique Nohèm face and body oil enriched with argan, nigella and baobab oil with a concentration unique omega 6 and 9 to intensely nourish your skin and reduce dryness and itching sensations.

Hydration of hands, feet and lips : Also remember to moisturize the extremities which tend to be dried out more quickly and attacked by the cold. Hands, feet and lips require special attention in winter! Nohèm's divine treatment for hands and feet is enriched with shea butter, argan oil and Marula to take care of your hands, even the most fragile, by soothing their skin and offering them unparalleled softness.

Tip + Nohèm: Take some time for yourself once a week and apply a hydrating mask to intensely plump your skin. Our Nohèm hydrating and plumping sheet mask will give you a moment of intense hydration of pure softness.


Who said that UV rays don't work on the skin in winter? Yes, although the sun is less visible, ultraviolet rays are indeed there. Therefore, it is essential to continue to apply sun protection in winter, especially if you are going skiing. The latter helps prevent burns, but it also protects the skin from skin aging!


To reduce the effects of cold on the skin, it is also possible to set up (or keep) a healthy routine . When we talk about a healthy routine, we are talking about a varied and balanced diet ( autumn vegetables are the best!), practicing a sport , but also a good water intake during the day . To discover: our well-being infusions : beauty, relaxation, detox to consume cold or hot to hydrate you throughout the day!

These few elements will indeed contribute to your good health, but will also contribute to that of your skin! Moreover, to prevent deficiencies, do not hesitate to take courses of food supplements .

It's up to you to protect your skin from the changes caused by the cold of winter! Adapted products, gentle gestures, varied and balanced diet, sun protection. There are lots of tips for taking care of your skin in autumn !


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