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Show off a dazzling smile with our lip balm

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Show off a dazzling smile with our lip balm

Your lips deserve special attention to remain soft and highlight your smile. Whether to combat winter chapping or soothe summer dryness , our lip balm becomes an essential beauty ally, to take everywhere and in all seasons!

Take care of your smile with our moisturizing lip balm in balm format. Thanks to its portable format, slip your lip balm into your handbag or suitcase and take it everywhere.

Nohèm lip balm is entirely composed of ingredients of natural origin, silicone-free, and made with love in France.

How to get beautiful lips naturally?

The thin, sebaceous gland-free skin on your lips requires daily care. Daily activities such as speaking, smiling, eating and drinking, coupled with increasing pollution, put constant strain on your lips. They can quickly dry out, become uncomfortable, tingle and pull.

To prevent dryness, moisturize your lips at least twice a day, morning and evening, with a moisturizing lip balm. Internal hydration is just as crucial, so make sure you drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day and eat fruits and vegetables rich in water and vitamins.

How to keep your lips hydrated?

Often neglected, lips require similar care to the face. Exposed to various external attacks which make them fragile, they need comfort on a daily basis. For well-hydrated lips, apply a moisturizing balm like our Coconut Lip Balm daily. Its coconut scent evokes the relaxation of a trip to the islands. The melting texture of this lip balm sublimates and gently protects. Apply evenly to the upper and lower lip, reapplying as soon as you feel a feeling of dryness or tightness.

How to repair chapped lips?

The lips, naturally poorly protected, are often subject to drying out, amplified by behaviors such as licking or biting. To repair chapped lips, avoid picking off dry skin with your fingers or teeth. Prefer a gentle exfoliation 1 to 2 times a week with a fine-grained facial scrub. Then generously apply a lip balm and reapply several times a day to find soft and comfortable lips.

How to take care of your lips in winter?

Cold, wind and drying heating in winter can cause lips to dry out. Moisturize them regularly with a nourishing lip balm like our coconut lip balm. Its formula rich in Shea Butter, known for its nourishing and restorative properties, intensely nourishes and soothes.

In the mountains, where the weather conditions are harsher, apply lip balm frequently to protect and continuously moisturize your lips.

How to take care of your lips in summer?

In summer, your lips are exposed to the sun, sea water, pool water, wind and air conditioning, making them vulnerable. To preserve them, moisturize them with a nourishing lip balm.

Tip : Lip balm serves as an ideal base before applying gloss or lipstick, extending the wear of makeup and ensuring flawless lips.

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