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Moisturizing body cream: how to choose the right one?

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Moisturizing body cream: how to choose the right one?

How to take care of your body by hydrating it?

Hydrating the body is one of our favorite well-being rituals!
Body cream, whether moisturizing, soothing or nourishing, becomes a daily essential to adopt throughout the year to guarantee optimal comfort for our skin. Among the essentials in the beauty kit, body moisturizers stand out for their ability to delicately nourish the skin and protect it. To find the treatment perfectly suited to your skin type , it is crucial to pay attention to the composition and choose the formula that meets your needs.

What moisturizer should you choose for your body?

The ideal product for the body accomplishes the triple mission of hydrating, nourishing and protecting on a daily basis. Some treatments even go so far as to soothe and repair damaged skin. The specific composition of certain moisturizers makes them particularly suitable for sensitive or very dry skin. Therefore, it is essential to know your skin type in order to select the formulation best suited to your body moisturizer.

Delicate, the moisturizing body milk is characterized by a light and fluid texture providing an immediate feeling of freshness. It nourishes the skin without excess richness, penetrating quickly into the epidermis without leaving a greasy film. Perfect for daily use on normal or oily skin!

Applying moisturizing body creams is a quick and easy pleasure. A little more nourishing than a body milk, the moisturizing body cream is nevertheless easily absorbed by the epidermis, providing immediate comfort. It works wonders on normal or dry skin.

Moisturizing balms and body butters, rich in lipids, are the perfect allies for sensitive, damaged or very dry skin. They represent an ideal and restorative treatment to gently face the rigors of winter.

As for body care oil , it is particularly suitable for dry or very dry skin. Its non-greasy formula makes it a summer star for satin-smooth skin. In winter, in colder weather, it nourishes both normal skin and very dry skin.

Moisturizing body cream: the right steps to apply it

It is important to note that applying your moisturizer to slightly damp skin, after a shower or bath, always guarantees best results. Thus, its composition penetrates more easily into the heart of the epidermis, leaving a protective fatty film to maintain optimal hydration. To intensify the effect of your body moisturizer, do not hesitate to apply it just after a body scrub: soft skin is guaranteed, even for dry and very dry skin!

Nohèm moisturizing body cream

Explore a world of body care with Nohèm , plant-based formulas that are gentle on the skin and respectful of nature! Combining olfactory delicacy, pronounced effectiveness and pleasure of application, our moisturizing body cream or our balm naturally gently hydrate your skin to enhance it every day in a pleasant and lasting way.

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