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The benefits of vegetable oils in our cosmetics

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The benefits of vegetable oils in our cosmetics

The skin and its needs

The skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. Composed of 3 superimposed layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), it is in direct contact with the external environment and protects us from its attacks (dehydration, UV rays, etc.). But not only that, it is also the origin of the sense of touch thanks to its numerous nerve endings, and it allows us to maintain an optimal body temperature.

Skin in good condition is comfortable and allows it to perform its functions, in particular thanks to the hydrolipidic film and the intercellular cement of the epidermis. These 2 elements constitute the skin's protective barrier: they ensure that skin hydration is maintained, preserve skin cells in good condition and prevent skin imbalances. They are essential for having beautiful and healthy skin.

Why choose vegetable oils as skin care?

The skin is in direct contact with the external environment and certain external factors (cold, pollution, UV) or internal factors (stress, treatments) can degrade the skin's protective barrier. The hydrolipidic film and the intercellular cement protecting and ensuring cohesion between cells are altered, causing dehydration and exposure of skin cells to external aggressions. An oil acts as a protective shield.
Thanks to its composition rich in lipids, essential compounds of skin cells, it will mix with the hydrolipidic film and reinforce the intercellular cement to prevent the evaporation of the water contained in the skin. It is therefore interesting both for dry skin, because it will nourish it by providing lipids, but also for dehydrated skin, because it will limit the loss of water from the skin.
If its texture may seem illogical for the treatment of combination to oily skin, in truth, using suitable vegetable oils is an excellent way to regulate these problems. By providing an oily substance to the skin, the sebaceous glands will not produce excess sebum, because the skin will already be protected on the surface by the vegetable oil.
Depending on their origin and their composition, vegetable oils will have properties more or less adapted to each skin problem. It is therefore important to know your skin type, and then to choose the vegetable oil corresponding to your needs.

Which vegetable oils for which skin problems?

1/ Which vegetable oils for dry skin:

Argan oil: The argan oil used is rich in vitamins A, C & E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins and thus helps to moisturize the skin and reduce dryness and itching. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, omega-6 and sterols, it prevents drying and physiological aging of the skin by restructuring the hydrolipidic film. It is produced by local cooperatives of Berber women, as part of an ethical trade. We use it in our Afrique Nohèm face and body oil.

Egyptian Nigella oil (or black cumin!):

Considered a miraculous remedy (the Pharaohs were treated by their personal doctors for the most varied illnesses with black cumin oil) and an elixir by Egyptian women, this oil is obtained from nigella (plant which gives small black seeds), anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin. Anti-oxidant, it fights against the appearance of cell-destroying free radicals and thus protects the skin from skin aging. Nourishing and regenerating, it restores suppleness and softness to the skin. We use it in our Africa nourishing and relaxing body oil for its nourishing and soothing properties on the skin.

Marula oil

Originally from Africa, the oil extracted from the marula tree is an ally for dry and dehydrated skin. But not only ! Dry, damaged hair and devitalized nails can also benefit from its many benefits. Its concentration of omega-9 and 6 gives marula oil a high hydrating and nourishing power. It thus allows the skin to rebuild its hydrolipidic barrier and protect it from drying out caused by external aggressions (cold, pollution, hard water, sun, etc.). Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it is renowned for its anti-aging properties. -age.
We use it for its exceptionally hydrating properties in our Nohèm moisturizing-firming cream for the body and our divine Nohèm treatment for hands and feet.

2/ Which vegetable oils for skin prone to imperfections:

Jojoba oil

fluid and penetrating is a vegetable oil with many benefits for our hair and skin. Regulating and moisturizing, this natural vegetable oil can be used at any age and for all skin and hair types. Jojoba wax is renowned for regulating sebum (excess or deficiency) whether on the skin or scalp. It is therefore suitable for all skin types. Its main benefits: regulator of the skin's PH; sebum-regulating (regulates the production of sebum), protective, nourishing and anti-dehydrating (relaunches the production of collagen), healing, regenerating, skin repair, fortifying the scalp and hair, emollient, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-infectious skin.
We use it in the Nohèm 3 in 1 fabulous oil.

Castor oil has several benefits for the skin:

  • Helps fight acne effectively
  • Reduces blemishes and redness
  • Hydrates and softens the skin
  • Castor oil contains proteins that stimulate the production of collagen by skin cells, making it a good anti-wrinkle agent.
  • Rich in fatty acids, castor oil also has lightening properties: it is used to treat brown spots on the face, but also those on the hands.

We use it in our Grand Nord anti-aging treatment and in our Nohèm Ayurvedic oil-serum .

3/ Which vegetable oils for mature and sagging skin?

Guarana oil

Guarana has remarkable strengthening and stimulating properties before being recognized for s Powerful antioxidants, contained in guarana, help improve and tighten skin tone. They also have a lightning effect, which helps remove spots and scars. The protein content and antioxidant properties of guarana make it an ideal food for the skin. It can also be added to masks to improve skin tone.

It also helps treat acne and reduce the appearance of scars. It also acts as a moisturizer and keeps the skin healthy and supple.
We use it in our anti-cellulite oil for its toning and reshaping properties.

Vegetable oils are ideal for healthy skin, find yours!

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