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The benefits of facialism to fight against wrinkles

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The benefits of facialism to fight against wrinkles

Practice facialism to maintain youthful skin!

Applying an anti-aging cream daily is beneficial, but using it with the right technique is even more beneficial. Originating in Asia, facialism is an essential technique for firming, revitalizing and smoothing the epidermis, offering a natural and holistic approach to feeling good about your skin at any age!

What is facialism?

With around fifty muscles, the face requires maintenance and stimulation similar to that of the rest of the body to remain toned and firm. The facialist treatment brings a new perspective to facial care by introducing ultra-precise massage gestures adapted to each skin type. These gestures aim to lift, plump and tone the epidermis while releasing tension. Facialism takes a holistic approach that is not limited to the facial skin. It also promotes mental relaxation, creating a bubble of well-being to support the natural aging process in a non-invasive way.

How does facialism work on wrinkles?

Skin aging leads to a loss of firmness, tone, and the appearance of wrinkles. Facial treatments act preventively and correctively against these signs of aging.

Facialism facial massages have many benefits, such as eliminating cellular waste, stimulating collagen and elastin production, increasing blood microcirculation, relaxing hypertonic muscles and toning hypotonic muscles . These massages, generally performed with the fingers and accompanied by accessories such as the roller, gua sha or facial cups, help to maintain the vitality and elasticity of the skin.

Facialism techniques

Massage techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner. Among them, we find the famous Kobido treatment, an ancestral Japanese art which warms the facial muscles to stimulate blood flow. Muscle stretching, for its part, stretches muscle fibers to relax features and smooth wrinkles. The facialist treatment, depending on the method used, allows you to work most of the facial muscles.

How to practice facialism at home?

Facialism can also be incorporated into your daily beauty routine. Facial gymnastics, an integral part of facialism, can be practiced from home. Nohèm offers facialism tutorials to allow its clients to play facialists themselves. Regularity is essential, with just 1 minute per day sufficient. You can target a specific area, such as the frown line, possibly replacing the hands with a Gua Sha if you prefer a different approach.

At Nohèm, the combination of facial treatment and gesture is at the heart of our approach. Facial massage is an essential element to integrate into your daily beauty routine.

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