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The virtues of rose quartz

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The virtues of rose quartz

Rose Quartz: The stone of love at the service of your beauty!

Holistic beauty is making a comeback, and semi-precious stones like black obsidian , jade stone or rock crystals are now an integral part of our beauty rituals. Among those that are popular, rose quartz which amazes us with its extraordinary powers.

Do you know where rose quartz comes from?

For millennia, quartz has been revered for its calming properties. It even seems that in ancient Egypt, the goddess Isis used it regularly to lighten her complexion and maintain her youth.

Composed mainly of mineral silicon, rose quartz is part of the silicate family. Considered a semi-precious stone, this pale pink gem is often associated in lithotherapy with love and harmony . In recent years, we have seen its comeback, with more and more cosmetic brands integrating rose quartz into their care and beauty products because of its many benefits.

We will detail here the virtues and benefits of rose quartz in cosmetics:

Stone with soothing and calming properties

Rose quartz is known for its soothing and calming properties . It is linked to love, tenderness and peace towards others. When incorporated into skin care products, it can help reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritations. This makes it an ideal choice for sensitive or redness-prone skin.

Rose quartz gua sha

Allows the reduction of signs of aging

One of the most popular benefits of rose quartz in cosmetics is its potential to reduce the signs of aging . This precious stone is rich in antioxidants , helping to fight free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. Rose quartz skincare products can therefore help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles , while improving skin elasticity .

Acts on emotional balance and well-being

Rose quartz not only acts on the skin, but also on the mind. It is associated with beneficial emotional and spiritual properties . By using rose quartz cosmetic products, you can experience a feeling of calm and emotional balance . This can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and promote overall well-being , which is reflected in your outer beauty. It has also been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, to absorb bad energies to promote well-being and meditation .

rose quartz massage stick

Promotes blood circulation

Rose quartz is also known to stimulate blood circulation. When used as a massage on the body, it helps drain the stimulated areas and thus allows better circulation . Which promotes brighter, healthier skin . Smooth blood circulation induces better absorption of nutrients, which is essential for maintaining hydrated and healthy skin!

At Nohèm, we are convinced of the power of the vibrations of rose quartz and its qualities which make it suitable for relieving physical and psychological tensions.
We have also imagined a “Boreal Light” body treatment , in which rose quartz combined with Grand Nord oil will stimulate energy circulation and remove blockages. An extremely beneficial ritual when you want to regain strength after periods of fatigue. Make an appointment quickly at an institute to test it!

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