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Discover the simple and effective slimming routine with Nohèm anti-cellulite and draining treatments to help you fight cellulite and obtain smoother and firmer skin. Cellulite spares no woman, round or petite, we are all affected by this normal and natural phenomenon. To reduce the marks on our skin, there are specific beauty routines, we show you one right here!

Beauty accessory Body massage with anti-cellulite suction cups

Establishing a slimming routine with appropriate gestures allows you to change the appearance of your skin and fight cellulite to restore its firmness, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a little sport in order to optimize the results on your figure.

Using the suction cup at home offers you an extremely simple palpation-rolling experience and allows the elimination of unwanted dimples in just 5 minutes of daily use. Combined with slimming oil , it acts by suctioning the skin and subcutaneous tissue, thus reproducing the well-known gesture of palpating and rolling, an unstoppable technique used by institutes.

Over the days, this deep massage helps dislodge fat deposits, stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, key elements in the fight against cellulite . Not only does it target these problem areas, but it also works by smoothing orange peel skin to give it a smoother and more even appearance.

For optimal effectiveness, we advise you to opt for draining treatments to be carried out as a treatment in an institute with the new Nohèm maderotherapy and lymphatic drainage treatment or the anti-cellulite slimming treatment with suction cups.

Finally, know that the best remedy against cellulite remains sport and a good diet rich in fruits such as citrus fruits, vitamins and draining vegetables.

Tutorial Anti-cellulite routine in 3 steps

Step 1: Practice dry brushing to stimulate your blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Exercise energetic circular movements starting from the ankles to the hips.

Step 2 : Apply a vegetable oil concentrated in slimming active ingredients which will help you reshape and refine your silhouette by massaging your legs and working from the bottom up.

Step 3 – Practice precise maneuvers with a silicone suction cup . This acts by suctioning the skin and subcutaneous tissue to break up fatty and fatty deposits and thus remove cellulite. First from the inside out, from the bottom to the top, in circular movements and back and forth on each area to be treated.

Step 4 – Apply a moisturizing and firming cream in a toning manner to complete your slimming routine.

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