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Brown spots: how to reduce them?

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Brown spots: how to reduce them?

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Signs of age or too much sun, pigment spots sometimes appear overnight. What to do to avoid them? Can we lighten them or make them disappear? Our Nohèm beauty coaches help you take stock.

What is a pigment spot?

Age spots can come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

They correspond to areas of the epidermis affected by an overproduction of melanin. They impact the uniformity of the complexion. Some of you may enjoy them and find them aesthetically pleasing, while others seek to tone them down. Find here the different origins of pigment spots.

Where do brown spots come from?

Pigment spots are due to a disruption in the pigmentation process (melanogenesis). Melanin , the pigment responsible for the natural coloring of the skin, is overproduced in certain areas, leading to the appearance of brown, red or pink spots. These spots appear most often on the face. Spots are the result of long exposure to the sun. Sunburns accelerate their appearance, but not only that. A walk in the open air, a lunch on the terrace… all the cumulative doses of UV rays end up forming spots on the skin, which produces melanin as a defense reflex against the aggression of UV rays. But instead of tanning, a mass of melanin remains at the level of the epidermis and does not disappear. This is why spots appear with age, sometimes around 40 years old. It depends on the type and color of the skin, and behavior towards sun exposure. The lighter the complexion, the more the skin is prone to spots.

The different types of stains:

Depending on their origins, pigment spots are listed in several categories:

  • Sun spots (= lentigo or age spots ), due to prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun's UV rays.
  • The pregnancy mask, pigment spots due to hormonal variations. This may disappear a few weeks after giving birth.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation . Its spots can appear after poor healing of a pimple for example or another imperfection. At Nohèm, our Ayurvedic oil-serum enriched with castor oil will play a role in healing and the anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

 How to prevent them with an ideal beauty routine?

Reducing and sometimes even eliminating pigment spots is possible with a daily beauty routine. For this, choosing a suitable beauty product is essential. Among Nohèm treatments, the global anti-aging and anti-aging serum is there to allow you to effectively fight against pigment spots by using daily under your daily moisturizing and protective care , it will help you to reduce them and even out your complexion.

Nohèm cleansing and exfoliating powder also plays a role in brightening and evening out the complexion with daily use. As you use it, your complexion becomes lighter and brighter!

Be careful, even in winter the sun's UVA rays are still there, so it is important to continue to protect your skin with sun protection adapted to your skin tone to preserve the youthfulness of your skin for as long as possible!

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